Repair all 3 credit bureaus YOURSELF.

Increase your credit score with our Step By Step Training...

Major League Essentials is a credit repair expert

so you don’t have to be.

Fixing your own credit used to require a ton of work and a bit of luck.

But now, Major League Essentials makes fixing your credit and increasing your credit score fast and easy.

Dispute any account on all 3 bureaus

Major League Essentials can help you delete these accounts from

Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion:

  • Late Payments

  • Repossessions

  • Charge Offs

  • Foreclosures

  • Collections

  • Judgments

  • Inquiries

  • Bankruptcy

No need to create an account with each credit bureau.

Major League Essentials brings all three credit bureaus to you.

Do you know nothing about fixing Credit?

No worries! Major League Essentials will start you from the very beginning and take you step by step to start getting deletions as early as 7 days!

Unlimited Disputes

Dispute as many accounts as you want on all 3 bureaus at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you have one account or fifty accounts to dispute, Major League Essentials will help you learn what to say in order to get the Credit Bureaus or Debt Collectors to remove that negative item!

Professional Letters

Letters are far more effective at getting accounts permanently deleted than online disputes. Major League Essentials gives you the letter template you need in the exact situation you are dealing with! You will get access to a Dispute Letter Library over 200+ Templates!

No need to hire a credit repair company

Don’t waste your time and money hiring a credit repair company to send generic disputes the 3 credit bureaus can legally reject.

Major League Essentials helps you create far more effective disputes than

any credit repair company. Because you send them yourself,

the credit bureaus won't reject them.

Easily create effective disputes for all 3 credit bureaus and

improve your credit score with Major League Essentials

Major League Essentials

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Mon - Fri (9am to 5pm EST)